Apex Trader

Tethos has officially partnered with Apex Trader. Now for an affordable price you can set up your own trading bot. Apex Trader offers the ability to trade 24/7 based on YOUR analysis! Use the Link below to create your account and use the FREE trial!

Trading Accounts

From the link below we direct you to the basics of setting up your own accounts! 

Ease of Use

Tethos goal is to be the easiest and most user friendly group for all traders. We provide our personal opinions and trades. Each individual can see exactly what we do and how we do it!

Our Platforms

Currently we are using Discord for our signals and education. We are also using Youtube and Twitch for our streaming services.

Have Questions

We are available 24/7 via Email, Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and more. Use the link below to send us a direct message. You can expect a response with 1-2 hours.

Financial Disclaimer
The content prepared and presented on this website by TethosCrypto is strictly for general information and educational purposes only. It is not and cannot be constructed or relied upon as personal advice or as an offer to buy, sell, and/or subscribe to any of the financial products mentioned herein. Investors are expected to take full responsibility for all of their investment decisions. TethosCrypto will not be liable for any damage or loss caused by information obtained via the website’s services. No investment objectives, financial circumstances or needs of any individual have been taken into consideration in the preparation or delivery of this content. By subscribing you are verifying you understand the terms of our service, and realize the Tethos team does not provide financial advice.

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